ILS – Modules BLS dispensing (gravimetric)

  • Dispensing of low (10 mPas) to high viscosity (>100,000 mPas) liquids
  • Dispensing accuracy
    • Typical +/-10 mg for all quantities
    • Higher dispensing accuracy by optional string cutting (<2-5 mg)
    • Achievable dispensing accuracies should be determined in pre-tests
  • Dispensing time: Typically <1 min
  • Raw material syringes: 300 ml (reusable), 80 ml (disposable), or 10 ml
  • Weighing and documentation of the mass actually dispensed into the target
    Storage of crystallising products at up to 100°C (300 ml syringes
    made of PEEK) in heated rack
    Storage of separating products in rotating 300 ml syringes
    Separation of milling beads and filtration by filter mesh in BLS plunger

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